Work Experience & Volunteering

Swindon Borough Council are not accepting work experience applications or requests at this moment in time. This process is currently being reviewed and we hope to be able to accept requests later in 2024.

We will update our website when the situation changes.

If you have any other questions about work experience then please contact us at

Please be aware that this team can only answer questions regarding work experience, they won't be able progress any requests or accept applications.


Whilst work experience is on hold, we are offering volunteering opportunities which may be of interest. 

Volunteering is a great way to gain new skills, meet new people or use your spare time to help others. Maybe you are looking for employment and want to build your skills base and experience or you simply want the satisfaction of giving some time to help others or your local community. Whatever your reasons, there are many options that may suit your interests and available time.

For further information, view the Volunteering Opportunities page