Vision and Values

We’re working with partners to deliver our ambitious vision for Swindon, so that the borough continues to thrive in the future and benefits from well-managed growth, investment and regeneration.

At Swindon Borough Council, our ambitions are big and bold. But for all for the right reasons. We want Swindon to be the best it can be. So we give our employees the support, training and freedom to push boundaries. With less red tape and friendly bureaucracy, there’s more room for collaboration. And because we’re a small local authority, every person will have a big impact on our regeneration and transformation programmes. When we’re challenging ourselves to make brave choices, we always remember who we’re doing it for. It’s all about real people with real lives. That’s why we take real pride in a job worth doing.

Our Vision

By 2030, Swindon will have all of the positive characteristics of a British city with one of the UK’s most successful economies; a low-carbon environment with compelling cultural, retail and leisure opportunities and excellent infrastructure. It will be a model of well managed housing growth which supports and improves new and existing communities.

Swindon will be physically transformed with existing heritage and landmarks, complemented by new ones that people who live, work and visit here would recognise and admire. It will remain, at heart, a place of fairness and opportunity where people can aspire to and achieve prosperity, supported by strong civic and community leadership.

For more information on our vision and our pledges to achieve it, visit: Our Vision and Pledges

Our Values

To enable us to meet our vision, we’ve identified values & behaviours that all of our employees need to demonstrate, they are:

Be Connected

We put Swindon & its residents at the heart of everything we do

We display a communication and behaviour style that promotes a positive Council identity in connecting with residents, customers, colleagues and other stakeholders ensuring a partnership approach to delivering our vision. Always asking, "is what I am doing in the best interests of Swindon and its people?"

Be Resilient

We are forward thinking and work smart

We seek to identify where things can be improved, ensuring this learning is embedded, evaluated and built upon through a strong approach to continuous organisational development.

Be Brave

We respect and work together with our colleagues and customers to achieve success

We act in an emotionally intelligent way, setting positive examples around accountability, risk and governance. This will be delivered through developing ourselves and our teams to achieve the highest possible levels of productivity and performance.

If you share these values, we would love to hear from you.