Rewards and Benefits

We know that without our staff, we’ll never be able to deliver on our ambitions for Swindon and its 

We are therefore committed to providing our employees with a diverse and exciting environment in which to work, encouraging creativity and innovation whilst recognising the need to support ongoing personal development and a flexible work life balance.


We provide you with a extended holiday allowance.  Please take it all!!

  • 28 days per annum from day one.
  • 32 days per annum after 5 years service. 

And, you can purchase 10 more days per year via salary exchange.


Pensions can be complicated, so at Swindon we make it simple and auto-enrol all our colleagues into the local government pension scheme.

As a member of the scheme you contribute to the scheme funds enabling you to build up a Defined-Benefit (DB) pension pot.

Your pension is calculated using a guaranteed formula and builds up in a safe and predictable way every year.

The pension accrual rate is 2.04 %. This means that each year 2.04% of what you earn is added to your total from previous years, and then revalued in line with the cost of living so it keeps up with inflation.

You will receive an annual benefit statement every summer which will tell you how much pension you have built up so far.

The council also contributes with the amount varying from x% to y% depending on how much you earn.

What does that mean?

This means that the pension scheme will give you an income at your normal pension age linked to inflation and guaranteed for life.

Further information can be found on the LGPS


We are committed to your professional development, and we are committed to supporting people though our apprenticeship levy funding and via our development budgets.

We empower and enable our colleagues to obtain a range of qualifications; talk to your manager about development as we are better with you.

Flexible Working

We are offer a range of flexible ways of working, as we know the value they bring to colleagues across the Council.

  • Flexible working patterns/arrangements
  • Hybrid working 

Does this apply to everyone?

There are roles that cannot be performed at home or require you to be there is person;  and at times we are going to need to speak with each other face to face. 

Management teams within the Council have flexibility to apply arrangements in ways that work for them, there teams and for the people we serve. All arrangements will be subject to set policy terms.

Family Friendly

  • 52 weeks maternity leave, 6 weeks at 90 %, 33 weeks at SMP rate, and 12 weeks at nil pay; need to have 26 weeks service ending the 15th week before the expected week of childbirth.
  • 2 weeks paternity leave at 100% pay, need to have 26 weeks service ending the 15th week before the expected week of childbirth.
  • 10 Keep in Touch Days (KIT) during your maternity to support your return to work and give you a little pay boost if you want it.
  • Life insurance via pension 

Health and Wellbeing

  • Sick Pay that increases depending on how long you  serve with us:
  • Less than 1 years service, your are eligible for 1 month full pay and 2 months half pay
  • More than 1 years service, 2 month full pay and 2 months half pay
  • More than 2 years service, 4 month full pay and 4 months half pay
  • And so on … until 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay after 5 years service


Our employees really value the flexibility that we are able to offer (subject to business needs), below are some direct quotes from our staff on the benefits of flexible working for them:

Flexible working is essential for me to maintain my work life balance as sole carer to young children still at School.

It has allowed me to do my job and undertake a professional qualification.

It means a lot to me, as I can avoid rush hour journeys, spend less time on public transport & arrive to work refreshed.