Chelsie Eddolls - Rough Sleeper Team Manager

How long have you worked here 

3 and a half yearsChelsie Eddolls

What attracted you to work here & what do you enjoy about your role:

I had just returned from travelling the world where I had experienced seeing a lot of different cultures and unfortunately a lot of poverty. This really gave me a different perspective of the world and my place within that. I really wanted to use my skill set and experience to really make a difference, so with that in mind I applied for the role of a housing first support worker. I was attracted to the role for a number of reasons; it was closely aligned to my current skillset, it was directly having an impact of people’s lives and it was a new initiative which excited me. I very quickly gained experience and moved to a different role in housing working across adult social care and housing to further my knowledge and experience, I then welcomed the opportunity for progression and was successful in applying for the role as the Rough Sleeper Team Manager which I am really excited by.

I love working with people and enjoy making new relationships and take great pride in working well with others. Like many roles within SBC every day is different for me and I get to speak with lots of different people with their own individual stories. For me the greatest enjoyment is making a difference to people’s lives and knowing that I have been a part of that as well as making an impact within the community that I live in.

Your ambitions for the future:

I have a passion for homelessness and my ambition is to become an expert in the homelessness sector. One of my main goals is to eliminate rough sleeping in our town and be an example to other local authorities. I hope to continually learn new skills and techniques to best support my team and be a positive and supportive leader. I hope to see more of the world and have many more amazing life experiences which I can one day tell my children all about (or perhaps not in some cases haha!)

A bit about you personally- any hobbies, favourite travel destinations etc:

I’m a really outgoing girl who loves to spend time with loved ones, and make people laugh and smile! At the weekends I will often be found socialising with my friends and my partner or spending some wholesome time with my family. I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time travelling the world exploring some of the most beautiful places such as Australia, Bali, Belize, South Africa and Cambodia. I think life is so short and you have to make the most of it, so I live my life welcoming as many opportunities as I can. I love to dance and attend weekly commercial classes where I am surrounded by empowering and confident women which I absolutely love.