Social Work & Leadership Academy

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What is the Social Work & Leadership Academy?

At Swindon Borough Council we have a dynamic Social Work and Leadership Academy that aims to develop practitioners and leaders across the service. This provides a framework that can support workers at any level through all of their employment with us, whether a student on placements, a newly qualified workers in your first year, an experienced  social worker or manager. 

The Academy has good relationships with local universities and training providers enabling a comprehensive programme of learning for all staff, alongside this we support a range of practice led learning within teams.  The Academy keeps up to date with new research and national initiatives, this enables us to promote good practice and be innovative in our ways of working.   

We actively support a culture of professional development and support staff to access a range of opportunities across the department and have a clear career progression programme.  Join Swindon and you will be able to continually build and expand on your skills and experience, we will support you to continually develop and get where you want to go in your career.