Jessica Squire - Mobile Housing Officer

Tell us about yourself Jessica Squire

I am a university graduate of Portsmouth University and I have worked previously as a Special Constable of Hampshire Constabulary. After my time at university I worked as a Shift Leader at a busy Wetherspoons in central Portsmouth before I left the country to travel Asia and experience a new culture. I had moved back to Wroughton where I grew up in September to save some money for my next adventure when I came across the role of Mobile Housing Options Officer at Swindon Borough Council, where I have now been working for three months.

What attracted you to join SBC?

What initially attracted me to join Swindon Borough Council was my interest in working with the people of my local community, which involve both colleagues and clients, and being a part of the team that are working hard to prevent homelessness in our local area. I was also very keen to begin gaining experience in a professional role where I would be able to utilise my degree and everything I have learned in my role as a Special Constable.

What do you most enjoy about working here?

So far my team and all other SBC colleagues have been incredibly kind and welcoming to myself as a new starter. This has helped with my development here hugely as they are always willing to answer any questions or help and give advice with any difficult cases. I now consider myself settled into my role and taking on daily challenges with confidence in a short period of time because of this support.   

Describe a typical day in your role.

On a typical day I will spend half my day ensuring I have actioned everything I need to on all of my cases and ensure all my clients have been provided any updates on their case, along with any other admin I may have to do. I am then likely to spend the other half of my day on a type of duty; this may be in person or on the phone. As a Mobile Housing Options Officer this is also soon to include visiting places such as Great Western Hospital, Probation, Adult and Child Social services, The Haven, and more, and being available to members of the public or other professionals for any queries or housing applications.

What motivates you at work?

Providing an excellent and valuable service to the members of our public is very important to me and motivates me to keep on top of my case load. I would like to be part of a team that instils confidence in our public that we are a friendly and helpful local authority who can effectively carry out our role.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I spend most of my spare time in London where I have a number of friends who I met at university. During weekdays I like to go to the gym with my younger sister and relax the rest of the evening with a bit of Netflix!

Where is the best place you have visited?

My favourite country I have visited is Vietnam, where I have travelled from North to South and the activities were nonstop. However, my favourite city is Chiang Mai in Thailand.

What are your ambitions/aspirations?

Before I joined SBC my ambition was to be a Police Officer. This ambition has not completely gone however I did not expect to enjoy my role at SBC as much as I do, and I am very intrigued to see where this role takes me. I would like to move to London at some point in the future, and I believe the skills and knowledge I am learning daily in my current role will be highly transitional from Swindon to London. Upon my move, whether I will apply to Police jobs or to Homelessness Prevention, I cannot say! But I am very grateful for everything I have learnt, and am yet to learn, here at SBC.